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Cutting kids' cholesterol is a family affair

Posted on June 17, 2014 at 12:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Parents have a new ally in the effort to clean up their kitchens and improve their children's eating habits -- and their own.


"Kids are hugely interested in the cooking shows like 'Iron Chef,'" said Jodie Shield, co-author of "Healthy Eating, Healthy Weight for Kids and Teens" (Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, 2011) and a registered dietitian in Chicago.


Seize that as an impetus to cook and eat more at home, using vegetables and other fresh ingredients, just as the chefs do.


"What's exciting about healthy eating is, the recommendations for most families are the same thing we keep saying," Shield said. "But I think they're starting to be heard more."


A diet with total fat at 25--30 percent of calories, saturated fat less than 10 percent of calories, and cholesterol intake less than 300 mg has been shown to reduce cholesterol (the bad kind) in healthy children older than 2.


Tracking numbers like those for weeks (or even a day) isn't realistic for most parents, let alone children. So Shield recommends referring to, the U.S. Department of Agriculture's heir to the food pyramid.


That plate visual in your mind can help your kid load it up, she said. "Portion size fits into all of this."


Shield outlined some healthy eating habits that parents should establish (but often don't):


-- Start with dairy. "When I look at a low-fat diet, I look at dairy right away, because it's such a big part of kids' diets," she said.


At age 2, most children should shift to 1 percent fat or skim milk, Shield said. "But I can tell you it doesn't happen. Most people I talk to drink 2 percent, and 2 percent still has a lot of fat."


An 8-oz glass of 2 percent milk has 120 calories, 5 grams total fat, 3 of which are saturated, and 20 mg of cholesterol. By comparison, skim has 80 calories, 0 grams of fat and 5 mg of cholesterol.


"If kids are drinking four cups of milk a day, it's very healthy for them to make the change," Shield said, "and both are equally nutritious, assuming they are fortified with vitamins A and D, as most are."


Substitutes such as almond milk may not have the same vitamin package, she pointed out, so compare labels.


"We need vitamin D to absorb calcium, which has been a big problem. Especially in the Midwest, most people are fairly deficient. We don't get enough sun so our bodies don't make enough."


-- Make vegetables tasty. They don't have to be raw, Shield said. "But you don't have to cook them in butter. If you're going to add fat, try olive or canola oil. It still has calories, but they're much healthier (calories)."


She is not above cooking green beans in bacon fat -- once in a while.


"I'd like to start with healthy fat, which helps with certain vitamins being absorbed, but if you give kids a little ranch dressing and they eat a few more, that's okay, too. The point is to get them to love to eat healthy foods."


-- Direct the sweet tooth to fruits or low-fat dairy. "Fruits are fat-free and wonderful," Shield said. And they don't have to be organic. "There's no science that shows organic is healthier."


For yogurt, look for low-fat or fat-free, and consider the smaller 6-ouncers.


Don't rule out an occasional treat such as a restaurant shake. "Some make them with 1 percent milk," she said.


-- Seek fiber; watch sugar. Soluble fiber, as in oatmeal, beans and many fruits, can make you feel more full and lower LDL, the bad cholesterol. "Oatmeal is one of the best cereals kids can eat," Shield said. "Instant oatmeal is (okay), but get plain and add your own sugar or whatever else," since some packets are loaded with sugar.


Half of the grains you eat should be whole grains, as in some boxed cereals. Those have insoluble fiber, which can help prevent constipation


"Here's a little trick parents can do as they're reading labels. It only works if there's no fruit in the cereal, because raisins have natural sugar, and the number on the label lumps natural and artificial sugars together.


Divide the grams of sugar by 4 to find out how many teaspoons of sugar are in a serving. Aim to keep that number under 2 teaspoons. That's pretty generous," Shield said.


The formula doesn't work for yogurt and other dairy products, because they have lactose, a natural sugar. "Natural sugar isn't the problem," Shield said. "You're better off looking at the ingredient list at that point, because ingredients are listed in order of dominance."


Note that some ingredients, like corn syrup or brown rice syrup aren't called sugar, but that's what they are. "If they're in there, I'd like them to be one of last ingredients."


-- Choose meat, poultry and fish carefully. Opt for lean cuts of meat, such as loins and rounds. Buy skinless chicken. "Skin doubles the fat," she said. Though they are higher in cholesterol than boneless skinless breasts, boneless skinless chicken thighs are less expensive, have more flavor and are more forgiving of novice cooks. "You can't wreck them. They stay moist. I marinate them in olive oil, lemon juice and oregano, then bake them, and it's so easy."


Eat fish, rich in omega 3 fatty acids, at least twice a week. Not fried catfish and coconut shrimp, but grilled or baked fish such as cod, flounder, tilapia, shellfish and salmon (if it's not too strong for your family's tastes). Present unfamiliar foods in a familiar way to improve kids' reception. Shield's kids, for instance, love fish tacos.


Buy frozen, partly for affordability, but also because so-called "fresh" fish often has been frozen previously and rethawed. "So you don't want to take it home and refreeze it. Ask the fishmonger, "Was this frozen?"


-- Take advantage of easy reference guides. If you eat fast food, look at the nutrition boards in the restaurant, or download a fast food app to find the healthiest options, Shield said. (Fast Food Calorie Counter, available on both iTunes and Google Play for 99 cents, is a popular one.)


Shield frequently consults, an independent website that interviews and fact-checks advice from food experts. Her blog has tips and recipes, including one of her most popular, the lemon chicken.

Gerson Therapy - Preventing Headaches to Cancer

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Designer fashions alternative route for cancer therapy:


Blythe Bernhard, St. Louis Post-Dispatch


ST. LOUIS -- As a vegetarian and daily yoga practitioner, Amy Johnson thought she was healthy before she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer last August. Now she consumes 50 pounds of carrots, 25 pounds of Granny Smith apples and 14 heads of romaine lettuce each week in an effort to keep it from coming back.


The 43-year-old fashion designer has embraced an unconventional and controversial cancer treatment called Gerson therapy, named for the doctor who developed the vegetarian diet to treat his migraine headaches in the 1940s. Eventually, his practice grew to include numerous other maladies, including cancer.


The therapy is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration or recommended by national cancer organizations. Patients pay $11,000 to spend two weeks at a Gerson clinic in Tijuana, Mexico, to learn the diet of juicing, supplements and enemas that they stay on for two years.


After surgery to remove the right ovary, doctors discovered Johnson's cancer was a rare and aggressive form of clear cell carcinoma that may not respond well to drugs. Johnson had more surgery, including a hysterectomy, and then decided against chemotherapy. She has raised $24,000 from friends and family, and she and her mother traveled to Mexico in October to learn about the therapy that requires a drastic lifestyle change.


"I know chemo works for many people. It didn't make sense to me. I wanted to pump nutrients into my body, not toxins," Johnson said.


Doctors, friends, family members and her design clients tried to talk Johnson into going the traditional route with chemotherapy. Her mother, a nurse, was initially fearful of the decision.


"I was just very leery about it all, but Amy seems to adjust to things so well," said Carolyn Johnson of Highland, Mo. "She's gained back most of her energy and emotionally, she's so much better. Her father and I are just amazed at how well she's handling all this."


Gerson therapy teaches that the body needs to be cleansed of toxins to allow the immune system to heal itself. Participants eat and drink 15 to 20 pounds of organic fruits and vegetables daily. They drink one fresh-squeezed glass of juice every hour, up to 13 a day. They also take up to 60 vitamins and enzyme pills each day. Five times a day, they complete a liquid coffee enema to help the liver "in eliminating toxic residues from the body for good," according to Gerson's website. Castor oil, a laxative, is also taken by mouth regularly.


Johnson still sees a doctor at Barnes-Jewish Hospital for follow-up blood work and scans, but she doesn't want to identify him out of concern for maintaining their relationship. Her last scan in December showed no signs of cancer, and her blood work is normal.


The National Cancer Institute disavows any evidence of the effectiveness of Gerson therapy absent a peer-reviewed clinical trial. The idea of diet as cancer treatment is not widely accepted in the medical community. Fruits and vegetables are thought to play some role in preventing cancer, but not treating it, according to the American Cancer Society. Coffee enemas can lead to infections and dehydration.


Critics take an even harsher stance, calling the Gerson method quackery that preys on the hopes of people with cancer.


"I can't figure out why anyone thinks it's natural," said Dr. David Gorski, a surgical oncologist in Detroit and editor of the blog Science-Based Medicine. "What's natural about all these supplements? It's not natural to put coffee up your behind. The surgery is what cures the cancer if the cancer's going to be cured. The chemotherapy decreases the chances of its recurring."


Gorski said Gerson patients probably would have the same results with a typical, healthy diet after cancer surgery.


"The thing about cancer, its course can be really variable," Gorski said. "Patients can live a lot longer than expected, they can live a lot shorter."


Gerson's website says the program is "remarkably effective at treating a wide range of chronic degenerative diseases" including melanoma, lymphoma, ovarian cancer and lupus. The clinic does not accept patients with acute leukemia, brain tumors, organ transplants or kidney failure and says the therapy doesn't work for Parkinson's disease or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's disease). Staff members from the Gerson Institute in San Diego did not respond to a request for comment.


Tracey Cain, a St. Louis chiropractor, plans to travel to San Diego in May to train to be a Gerson practitioner. She learned about the program after researching alternative diets to treat her gall bladder problems without surgery. She said she sees patients who are frustrated with doctors who offer them little time and few answers for their health concerns.


"I really think that people are looking for something alternative," Cain said. "Not everybody has to go down the traditional route of Western medicine if that's what they want to do. Traditional medicine has its missing links. If it worked perfectly, we would have a cure for cancer."


About seven years ago, Johnson left a career as an environmental engineer to pursue her dream in fashion, creating KayOss Designs with a studio in the Central West End. Her work has been featured in high-end boutiques, on runways and on national television. Because her new lifestyle keeps her essentially home-bound, she has temporarily given up social events, fashion shows and photo shoots. But she has started to take a few appointments in her studio again. And she recently walked to a nearby cafe to meet some friends, bringing her own tea.


"That's what cancer is telling you -- something needs to change in your life," Johnson said. "I'm not saying this is for everybody. You have to do what you feel is best for you."


(c)2014 St. Louis Post-Dispatch


Visit the St. Louis Post-Dispatch at


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Everyone knows that when the Incredible Hulk feels stress, he turns into a raging, green monster. But when you worry about money, work, relationships, family responsibilities or health problems, you're more likely to get headaches, gut troubles and/or fatigue, as well as see flares of anger and impatience -- all symptoms of day-in, day-out unresolved stress.


And those physical responses come with a pretty stiff price tag: Half of all deaths in folks younger than 65 are stress-related.


So if you're stressed (about 25 percent of you report dealing with extreme stress), sit down, take a deep breath and try SOME IMPORTANT stress-reduction techniques.


2. Put stress-reducing foods on your plate. Certain foods reduce your levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and that will help protect your cardiovascular system and nerves.


Calming foods include: spinach, for its cortisol-controlling magnesium; white beans, barley, mackerel and cod, for their phosphatidylserine, a component of cell membranes that can calm nerves and help you sleep; citrus fruit's vitamin C helps slow cortisol production; and salmon and ocean trout are packed with inflammation-quelling DHA omega-3s that may reduce stressed-out feelings.


3. Give yourself a massage.

Highly suggested to resaerch  Ayurvedic self-massage for its immune-modulating, pleasure-producing benefits that can reduce anxiety, tummy troubles, headaches, insomnia, even TMJ. After you get out of the shower, using a light oil, rub each body part from the top of your head to your toes with a firm, gentle, circular motion. You also can use roller-bars, hand-held massage sprayers and rolling balls on legs, back and feet.

Hope you have enjoyed the information provided and come reduce your stress with me in my next class or participate with me in Carnival at Mission Cultural Center For Latino Arts Febuary 1st  at 3:15 in SF.


Brenda Perdue


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(English/Spanish Bottom)


It's time we start loving ourselves more. Feeling good about yourself and comfortable in your own skin is a powerful predictor of longevity. Self-love is similar to self-esteem but more expansive and encompassing. Loving yourself is the first step to loving others, and it will open the door to a world of peace and contentment. I have always smiled and have been happy, but when I truly learned to love myself I found more time that I made for myself. I did not exercise for 10 years and now I exercise everyday and do ZUMBA! I started integrating in 2013 Pilates, Yoga, Boot Camp, & Ti Chi to my daily workout. Now I’m working on more projects to do and teach more fitness venues! I also started loving my family more by providing them with healthier meals, fitness classes for my kids (Zumba for Kids), and basically not leaving my family behind in their lives with health.


If there were a longevity pill that could improve the quality of your life, give you energy and enthusiasm and prevent illness, IT'S EXERCISE. Cardio with Brenda Perdue doing Zumba Fitness, Zumba Toning, Zumba Sentoa, Zumba Core, Zumba Gluts, and Zumba for Kids. Lets add balance to your life and ground you with doing Zumba Fitness, Zumba Toning, Zumba Sentoa, Zumba Core, Zumba Gluts, and Zumba for Kids. Brenda Perdue also provides resistance training (with & without weights and aerobic exercise to increase the heart rate) with Zumba Toning Sticks and using your own body weight. Stretching at the end of every workout. Exercise is an essential component of living a healthy life. The more you exercise, the better. Let me help the new you and your new life towards health and happiness and join me in my fight against disease. Dance with me in the next class.


There is a strong link between faith, being positive, having hope and the effects they have on your health. It is not what faith or denomination you belong to but being spiritual that is important. The elements linking spirituality to health include having faith in a higher power (natural forces of nature & karma), yourself and in others. Having faith, being positive and having hope is essential to health when ill or things go left field which assures a greater chance of recovery and less suffering. And then there is love, a powerful element of good health. Finally, being giving and forgiving are essential to a better life. MORE PASSION Being passionate about every task you undertake. Make your plans and tasks those that are inspired by your passion. Let your mind, body and soul be driven by your passion and only then will you find the way to follow through. Use every possible moment in life to work those plans inspired by passion so that you truly enjoy the life you live.


Stress is the single most important factor leading to disease. Stress raises blood pressure, leads to poor eating habits, less exercise and a greater risk of heart attack, stroke and cancer. Meditation and relaxation prevent heart attacks, help to resolve conflict and promote health. Find an outlet that you enjoy to relieve your daily worries, work, lifestyle and illnesses. Once you find what you LOVE, don’t give up! Enjoy it! I found ZUMBA and LOVE IT! Join me and DANCE AWAY STRESS!


Love is the key to longevity. LOVE YOURSELF 1st & only then you can LOVE LIFE & OTHERS TOO! People who maintain long-standing loving relationships live 10 years longer. I learned to LOVE MYSELF by becoming healthier and since then people say I look 20 years younger. Remember, love comes in many forms: the intimate love between spouses, love of family, community, and friends. I have been in a long-standing relationship almost my whole life, since 14 years old. No matter how bad things come in life, I always feel so rich and full because of the love and life I share with my spouse. By contrast, loneliness and depression predicts illness and a shorter life span.


Always look on the bright side and see the humor in your actions. There is a reason for everything in life so find the lesson in it and grow with a positive light. Laughter improves metabolism and is infectious. Make others laugh and not only does your health improve but so does theirs.


It's not eating less that is important but eating more of the right foods in the right amounts. Lean meat and rich in omega fatty acids fish, polyunsaturated fats (olive and canola oil), carbohydrates in moderation and all the fruits and vegetables you want are the cornerstone of a perfect diet. Snacks should include fruit salads, array of nuts and yogurt. Some of my food rules to follow are: diets don’t never work for the long term, if you are going to eat unhealthy foods or deserts make sure they are high quality, never from a corner store, don’t taste like you already regret it, don’t eat others leftovers, and try to share plates with others when its too much for one.


At age 37, I feel just as good and healthy as at age 20. A big part of being healthy is being free to break the mold of what it means to be "older." Be free is to be free in your mind, body and soul! Be free to make decisions for yourself even though your in a relationship or have a family. Being free is to feel the music and dance freely how you want as the rhythms move your body. Be free to work and not feel as if you have worked or have to keep looking at the clock. Be free to altogether start a new life. Be free to go and do what you truly want to accomplish in life or give back to the community. Be free to buck the trends of unhealthiness and recreational drugs and stop dieting. Be free to create and inspire. Be free to do whatever it is that gives you hope, inspiration and passion. This will not only change the face of aging in the NEW YOU, but can also revolutionize the next generation that follows your positive footsteps.


The more educated you are the better off you'll be. Know what it takes to stay healthy, and learn what to ask and how to become involved in the decision-making process should you become ill. See your doctor for regular visits and look into other alternative options of support especially before pain or serious symptoms. Always look into your physical benefits of prevention with natural elements such as supplements in minerals and vitamins, eating protein and vitamin rich foods. Do the research on how foods heal and hurt you. Empower your choices.

Live the Life YOU LEAD! Life is what you bring to it, so don’t think twice. Bring It! Rise up this 2014 and set records for yourself to be Healthier and Happier than ever. Everything else comes together with happiness as long as you appreciate the real things in Life! Love yourself, family, and be a good and real friend. ONE LOVE & HAPPY NEW YEARS!



Es hora que empezamos nosotros mismos más cariñoso. Sentirse bien y cómodo en su propia piel es un potente predictor de la longevidad. Amor a sí mismo es similar a la autoestima pero más expansiva y que abarca. Amarse a si mismo es el primer paso para amar a los demás, y abrirá la puerta a un mundo de paz y alegría. Me ha sonreído siempre y han quedado contento, pero cuando realmente aprendí a quererme encontré más tiempo que yo mismo hice. No ejerció por 10 años y ahora hacer ejercicio todos los días y hacer ZUMBA! Empecé a integrar en 2013, Pilates, Yoga, entrenamiento & Ti Chi a mi rutina diaria. Ahora estoy trabajando en proyectos más para hacer y enseñar más salas de fitness! También empecé a amar más por proporcionarles comidas saludables, clases de fitness para mis hijos (Zumba para niños) y básicamente no dejando mi familia en sus vidas con salud a mi familia.


Si hubiera una píldora de longevidad que podría mejorar la calidad de tu vida, darte energía y entusiasmo y prevenir la enfermedad, es ejercicio. Cardio con Brenda Perdue haciendo Zumba Fitness, Zumba tonificación, Zumba Sentoa, núcleo de Zumba, Zumba Gluts y Zumba para niños. Permite agregar saldo a tu vida y te castigara con haciendo Zumba Fitness, Zumba tonificación, Zumba Sentoa, núcleo de Zumba, Zumba Gluts y Zumba para niños. Brenda Perdue también proporciona resistencia de formación (con & sin pesas y ejercicio aeróbico para aumentar el ritmo cardíaco) con Zumba tonificación Sticks y utilizando su propio peso corporal. Al final de cada sesión de ejercicios de estiramiento. El ejercicio es un componente esencial de una vida saludable. Cuanto más ejercicio, mejor. Déjeme ayudarle al nuevo y tu nueva vida hacia la salud y la felicidad y únanse a mí en mi lucha contra la enfermedad. Baila conmigo en la siguiente clase.


Hay un fuerte vínculo entre fe, ser positivo, tener esperanza y los efectos que tienen en su salud. No es lo que la fe o denominación que perteneces pero ser espiritual que es importante. Los elementos que enlazan a la espiritualidad para la salud incluyen tener fe en un poder superior (las fuerzas naturales de naturaleza & karma), sí mismo y en otros. Tener fe, ser positivo y tener esperanza son esencial para la salud cuando enfermo o cosas del jardín izquierdo que asegura una mayor posibilidad de recuperación y menos sufrimiento. Y entonces hay amor, un poderoso elemento de buena salud. Finalmente, están dando y perdonando son esenciales para una vida mejor.


Ser apasionado de todas las tareas que emprendas. Hacen sus planes y tareas de los que se inspiran en su pasión. Deja que tu mente, cuerpo y alma ser impulsados por su pasión y sólo entonces encontrará el camino a seguir. Utilice cada momento posible en la vida para trabajar esos planes inspirado por la pasión que realmente disfrutas la vida que vives.


El estrés es el factor más importante que conduce a la enfermedad. El estrés aumenta la presión arterial, conduce a malos hábitos, menos ejercicio y un mayor riesgo de ataque cardíaco, accidente cerebrovascular y el cáncer. Meditación y relajación prevenir ataques al corazón, ayudar a resolver conflictos y promover la salud. Encontrar una salida que disfrutas para aliviar sus preocupaciones cotidianas, trabajo, estilo de vida y las enfermedades. Una vez que encuentres lo que te gusta, no te rindas! ¡ Disfrútalo! Encontré ZUMBA y LOVE IT! Únete a mí y baile fuera estrés!


El amor es la clave de la longevidad. QUIÉRETE 1st & único entonces usted puede también otros & vida amorosa! Personas que mantienen relaciones amorosas muchos años viven 10 años más. Aprendí a quererme por ser más saludables y desde entonces la gente decir me veo más joven de 20 años. Recuerda, el amor viene en muchas formas: el íntimo amor entre los esposos, de amigos, familia y comunidad. Yo he estado en una relación de larga data casi toda mi vida, desde los 14 años. No importa lo malas cosas ven en la vida, siempre me siento tan rico y completo por el amor y la vida que comparto con mi esposo. Por el contrario, soledad y depresión predice la enfermedad y una vida útil más corta.


Siempre mira el lado positivo y ver el humor en sus acciones. Hay una razón para todo en la vida hasta encontrar la lección en él y crecer con una luz positiva. La risa mejora el metabolismo y es contagioso. Hacer reír a otros y no sólo su salud mejorar pero lo suyo.


No es menos que es importante comer pero comer más de los alimentos adecuados en las cantidades adecuadas. Carne magra y rico en ácidos grasos omega de pescado, grasas poliinsaturadas (aceite de oliva y de canola), hidratos de carbono con moderación y todas las frutas y verduras que quieras son la piedra angular de una dieta perfecta. Aperitivos deben incluir ensaladas de fruta, gran variedad de frutos secos y yogur. Algunas de mis reglas de alimentos a seguir son: las dietas no funcionan nunca a largo plazo, si vas a comer alimentos poco saludables o desiertos Asegúrese que son de alta calidad, nunca de la tienda de la esquina, no sabe como ya arrepentirás, no como otros las sobras y tratar de compartir las placas con los demás cuando su demasiado para uno.


En 37 años, me siento tan bien y saludable como a los 20 años. Una gran parte de estar saludable es estar libre para romper el molde de lo que significa ser "mayores". Ser libre es ser libre en tu mente, cuerpo y alma. Ser libre para tomar decisiones por sí mismo aunque su en una relación o tener una familia. Ser libre es sentir la música y bailar libremente lo que quieras y cuando los ritmos mover tu cuerpo. Ser libre para trabajar y no se siente como si han trabajado o tiene que seguir buscando en el reloj. Ser libre en conjunto empezar una nueva vida. Ser libre de ir y hacer lo que realmente quieres lograr en la vida o dar vuelta a la comunidad. Ser libre de buck las tendencias de la insalubridad y las drogas recreativas y deja de hacer dieta. Ser libre para crear e inspirar. Ser libre de hacer lo que sea que te da esperanza, inspiración y pasión. Esto no sólo cambiará la cara del envejecimiento en la nueva persona, pero también puede revolucionar la próxima generación que sigue sus pasos positivos. MÁS


Los más educados que son será mejor para usted. Sabe lo que se necesita para mantenerse saludable y aprender qué hacer y cómo se involucren en el proceso de tomar decisiones debe tus enfermedades. Consulte a su médico para visitas regulares y mirar otras alternativas de apoyo especialmente antes de dolor o síntomas graves. Siempre mirar sus beneficios físicos de la prevención con elementos naturales como suplementos de minerales y vitaminas, come alimentos ricos en proteínas y vitaminas. Hacer la investigación sobre cómo los alimentos curan y hacerte daño. Empoderar a sus opciones.

Vivir la vida que llevas. La vida es lo que traes a él, así que no piense dos veces. ¡ Tráelo! Se levantan este 2014 y establecer registros para ser más sano y más feliz que nunca. Todo lo demás viene junto con felicidad mientras usted apreciar las cosas en la vida reales! Amarse a uno mismo, familia, y ser un verdadero amigo. UN AMOR & FELIZ AÑO NUEVO!